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We, at Candela LA Brea, are as thrilled about birthdays as the person themselves!!!

We appreciate that birthday celebrations are a great reason for your family and friends to come together and bond with each other. We help you upscale this opportunity and make it bigger and larger!

Why celebrate birthdays?

  • Birthdays are your annual statement of thanks to all the near and dear ones for joining in on your rollercoaster of life! Haven’t we heard, only too often, that one should be generous with our “Thank You!”
  • Birthdays should be bold and beautiful – just like you, as it marks the beginning of YOUR existence.
  • Birthday celebrations are a great reason for your family and friends to come together to celebrate… You!

Best birthday party venues in Los Angeles!

Candela LA Brea offers one of the best birthday party venues in Los Angeles. We take it on ourselves to cheer you up by presenting to you a historically preserved property in the very heart of Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, to capture and catapult your imaginations to the next level.

A sumptuous spread of mouth-watering Mexican food and refreshing drinks

At the newly renovated and spacious birthday party venue, Candela LA Brea, we promise to satisfy your Mexican culinary cravings with our authentic selection of traditional cuisine and a contemporary interpretation of drinks to quench your thirst at their extensive, fully stocked bar.

Make the occasion large!

We help you make the birthday party bigger and larger!

We offer an amalgamation of sparkles, shimmers, glam, and stylish innovation with the right pinch of tradition in selecting the fitting birthday party theme, the right decor and enthralling ideas to keep everyone hooked until the very end.

Join us, at the best party venue in South LA Brea, Los Angeles, for the music and the fun with great food to eat and loads of happy moments that we will create.

Come blow the candles and cut the cake!

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