The newly renovated, Candela La Brea is more than just your go-to destination for street tacos.

What was once known as the “Mexican Night Club” on La Brea is now a full-service venue with an Art Deco touch. While maintaining it’s historical presence created under the Lopez family, the next generation has created a more clean, sophisticated and traditional look for the space, making Candela La Brea the newest Los Angeles spot to host your next event.

Satisfy your Mexican craving with our traditional, exciting menu and quench your thirst at our extensive, fully stocked bars. Shine on our large stage under our famous neon lights. Indulge in our catering services for any style event; whether it be casual taco bars, tray passing or formal dining we are ready to bring your event to the next level. Bring your live music event alive and allow your sponsors to showcase their brands with our oversized projection screens. Choose from our three rooms and patio area to fit your capacity needs best. All spaces are available for rental and filming. From non-profit fundraisers to modern weddings, Candela on La Brea is your newest LA go to the venue.


We Offer High Quality, Affordable Party Venues

Searching for affordable party venues in Los Angeles, CA can be time-consuming and tiring! At Candela La Brea, we offer our venues at the most affordable prices out there. Through our quick list of what to look for, we’ll help you plan your venue choice, and argue why our venue can potentially be the perfect place to hold weddings, parties, celebrations, or quinceaneras at your disposal.

Location – Location of an affordable party venue in Los Angeles, CA is everything. Our venue is close to churches, hotels, and is easily accessible for anyone living near or in the Los Angeles area. If you have out of town guests, our venue promotes easy access to your favorite places in the Los Angeles area. We work with other affordable party venues in Los Angeles, CA to meet the needs of your event, including catering, accommodations, and decorations.

What It Includes – What do affordable party venues in Los Angeles, CA offer? At Candela La Brea, our catering and food services have a traditional Mexican flair, allowing you and your guests to dine and get the true taste of what authentic Mexican food is. We also offer services that include clean up, set up, event planning, lighting, sound, and a bridal suite for your pleasure.

Affordability – Affordable party venues in Los Angeles can be a difficult thing to find these days. In these cases, it’s best to understand what budget you’re working with before choosing a venue. Through our venue and services, we offer the most affordable prices within the Los Angeles area. If you call us at our service number, our event planners will be able to help you achieve your dream party within your budget.

Setup – How conductive a venue space is for events matters, especially if you’re trying to find affordable party venues in Los Angeles, CA. Luckily, we have plenty of space to work with. Our venue is a 16,000 square foot space, offering three rooms – the main room, lounge, and half room, as well as a patio area, can hold a total of 1300 guests. Perfect for intimate gatherings and receptions, the Candela La Brea venue has plenty of space left over for guests to feel comfortable and dance the night away.

Decoration-friendly – Some affordable party venues in Los Angeles, CA don’t have many options for decorations and may not be willing to accommodate for what you envision. At Candela La Brea, we allow you to bring your own decorations, as well as offer our own decorations through our facility or other affordable party venues in Los Angeles, CA, so you can have your dream party the way you want.